Pastoral Care

In the Pre-Prep and the Prep School, Form Tutors provide a daily reference point for pupils, parents and fellow teachers.  Our Form Tutors welcome communication at any time about the children in their care and they are usually the first people to be contacted in the case of a query.

Whilst Form Tutors take on a similar role in the Senior School (Years 6 - 8), each pupil is also assigned an Academic Tutor who is directly responsible for their care along both academic and pastoral pathways.  Communication with parents, pupils and Academic Tutors will be regular with weekly meetings and encouragement given to help pupils to aspire to success.  Parents are encouraged to liaise with their pupil's Academic Tutor in the first instance.

In addition to the tutor system, each pupil in Year 3 and above is allocated to one of four Houses for the remainder of their school life at Birchfield: Brelades, Brown and Watson.  Each House has a House Tutor who helps to mentor the pupils and encourage participation in House events.

Form Tutors, Academic Tutors and House Tutors all work together to provide the highest standards of pastoral care.

A full-time School Nurse also provides medical care and attention for the pupils.