Head for the Day!

Jay, aged 9, took up the mantle with great aplomb and started the day on gate duty at 8:15am, welcoming both pupils and parents into school.  This was quickly followed by morning assembly which he helped lead with the Headmistress, Mrs Morris.  He gave a short address on Morse code and led an interactive activity with the pupils on body language skills.

Jay had an action-packed afternoon starting with lunch at the staff table, where he had already chosen his favourite lunch to be served: sausages, roast potatoes and broccoli followed by chocolate fudge cake.  After lunch, he attended a meeting with the Deputy Head, Head Boy and Head Girl, which was quickly followed by a learning walk accompanied by Mrs Morris.  He observed lessons in French and English and gave a pep talk to the junior football team. 

The finale came in an interview by the younger pupils of the school who probed him about his special day. Jay’s answers were very much based round the importance of education adding that “only hard work will ensure good grades and a good job, like being a doctor or dentist”.  Mrs Morris commented that “Jay carried out his duties with maturity and composure. He was an absolute natural and I now know who to call upon if we need any help in the future!”

Interview questions from Pre-Prep put forward to Mr Barchha:


 Overall, what’s your favourite part of being the Headmaster?

“It’s a lot of hard work and very busy, but on the upside, it’s nice to have a bit of power, but on the downside I have to say it is very, very busy!  I suppose I would say the best part is getting to know all of you even better.”


What are your thoughts on the following:


Longer break times?

“Mmmm that’s a tricky one. I think that’s good and bad. Although that would mean not as much education and we need that!”


Alternate homework weeks?  One week on, one week off.

“Again that sounds good, but that would still mean less education!”


Longer holidays?

“I like the sound of that, but being at school means we learn more. So I’m afraid that’s not a good idea.”


Longer Maths lessons?

“Oh yes, that’s very good. We need Maths to become doctors and dentists.”


Longer English lessons?

“That would be good as we need English to be able to communicate and understand each other better.”


Not coming into school on your Birthday?

“Oh no, that’s not good at all. Besides all our friends would be at school and there would be no one to celebrate with.”


Rule: There is always chocolate cake available at all times.

“Oh no, that would not be good for your teeth!”

Mrs Grant-King then cheekily suggested maybe just on a Friday perhaps?  Mr Barchha said he would have to think about that and would get back to her on that one!


How do you do your job?

“That’s a difficult one to answer. Hopefully I would be able to plan ahead and hopefully get what I need to be able to do the job properly.”


Do you like hard work?

“Yes I do. Without hard work, you can’t do well in exams and without high grades, you won’t get the job you want . . . like being a dentist. Also the teachers won’t be impressed either!”


As a Headmaster do you need to drink lots of coffee?

“No I don’t like coffee, but I think some teachers do.”

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