Clubs and Activities

A multitude of different clubs, practices, societiies and hobbies occur after school for pupils in Year 3 and above to further enhance their learning opportunities.  These can include various sports, chess, fencing, orienteering, construction club and speech and drama, to name but a few.  Clubs and activities operate after the school day has finished from 4.45pm to 5.45pm each day and are mostly included in the fees, although some incur an additional charge; for example there is a fee for golf and fencing as we utilise the services of an outside specialist.

Prep Club

Prep Club is also available for Years 4 and above between 4.45pm and 6.00pm each day to provide a safe, supervised environment for children whose parents are unavoidably late to collect them.  Pupils may, if they wish, opt to stay in the Prep Room and complete their prep prior to going home.


For the younger pupils (Reception to Year 3) Birchfield Prepcare operate a chargeable creche service after school until 6.00pm.  This can be arranged direct with Prepcare in advance on 01902 375611.

Holiday Clubs

Holiday clubs (at an extra charge) usually take place for a week or two during some school holidays.